Gallery - MysteryLathe

Life on the Lake

Our life on Clarks Hill Lake in Lincolnton GA

One night of snow on our school buses. No school today in upstate NY.

One night of snow at our home in upstate NY. I guess this is why we moved to Georgia.

Inside the log home we built with our own hands in upstate NY

Sunrise on our lake

Mom and her two new babies in our driveway

I was born from an old cedar log

A new batch of Essential Oil Holders

Just for you

We are getting big

I see you

Bella and Pita on new dog boat ramp

Horizontal/Vertical Bread Slicing Guide

Clarks Hill Lake Dam. The lake is 40 miles long with 1200 miles of shore line.

The view from our home on the lake

Sunset on the lake


Pita and Bella along with the girls inspecting the new bridge

Bella and Bill out for a cruise

Mystery lathe's work shop

A vase being turned and finished on the "Mystery Lathe"

Two of my most popular "Slicing Guides"

One of my many bowls

Bill growing up

Friends from up north on a cruise

A rough day on the lake

A Kayak I built

Our boat on a sandy beach

The company car

Girls out for a ride with Pita

Lots of talent lives in Lincolnton GA

Entertainment at the Historical Days in Lincolnton GA

A Kayak I built

Plowing for a garden in Washington GA

My chicken went on strike

Legal imprint